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Tue May 12 11:16:03 UTC 2020

On 5/12/20 12:15 PM, Jerry wrote:

[ c u t ]

> I assume by 'Temas' you mean 'Teams'. Is that correct? If so, have you
> tried posting one of the MS Teams forums regarding this problem? I have
> already made a request that has receive some support for a FreeBSD
> specific version of Teams. The created one for at least Debian, so I
> assume they could do the same for FreeBSD.

Yes, my mistake of course... should be Teams. No, I haven't made any
requests to MS Teams - just saw lot of posts describing some sort of
problems and no solid workaround or solution.

> If you want, and can supply me with ALL the information,I would be
> happy to make a report for you. I am on the 'Edge Dev' beta team,and
> they LOVE to get info like this, especially edge cases like yours
> appears to be.

That's nice :) How may I help you? What kind of information would be
helpful to your team? If you wish, I can mail you on priv but I suppose
it would be better to do it on the mailing list.

> By the way, I share your dislike of 'wine'. If I am going to go to the
> trouble of running a pseudo OS environment, I might as well run the real
> one and get all of the benefits. That is why I would suggest a VM, but
> that is your choice.

I remember times using wine on Linux as the only option to have some
Windows apps running... I respect wine developers work but creating some
sort of portability layer between more than two operating systems is
really hard work and I think it's gonna be harder and harder to follow
all the changes in Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and all the operating systems
that the wine is supposed to run on.
regards, Maciej Suszko.

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