Microsoft Teams for Linux

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>> Let me adjust your point of view a bit. My course are replaced by
>> Zoom and MS Teams, because of corona. Not all of them get recorded.
>> So if I want to take these course I have to use these services.  
>The very first thing I would do is to make an official complaint on
>the ground of discrimination. I don't know what your position is at
>your university, but if one is precluded from attending courses
>because they don't have the right software or hardware, they are
>effectively cut off.

I agree. I have a IBM PC XT and speak Swahili. I demand that they offer
course costumed tailed to my hardware and language. I am also only
available between 1 and 3 AM, EDT on every other Wednesday, excluding
December and June.

I am sure they will be as happy to meet my demands as they are yours.

Wait a minute. I just remembered that I am taking their course. It has
been awhile since I tool college courses; however, I do remember that
there was a carefully defined prerequisite for each course. In the case
I had a question, there was a number I could call for further

If you don't like the way the course is being presented, 'patches


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