SSD woes - boot

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Wed May 6 23:30:08 UTC 2020

śr., 6 maj 2020, 19:00 użytkownik Polytropon  napisał:

> Many years ago, I had a similar problem with a disk taken from a
> system: No other computer would recognize it. The BIOS would try
> to detect it... but no device shows up. I wasn't able to access
> the disk in any other computer, not even with the USB forensic
> adapter. So I resurrected the PC it was originally working in,
> BIOS detect - and the disk was there! So I booted from a live
> system CD, started a FTP server, and copied what I needed using
> local FTP (directly connected, no Internet involved).

Never experienced situation like this for a PC except HD was taken out of
some custom embedded system (STB) with disk password protection at firmware
level. It was only working with that particular setup that probably had
some keys sent over special command during bus initialization. On all other
machines it was no-disk-at-all but it got spin with power up. Did not have
SATA sniffer so I did not investigate further :-)

Also on one of my machines there is a disk password protection in bios that
warned me that after I enable this option disk will not work with any other
computer. I did not enter any password by hand but that may be standard
random disk password generated by the bios. Did not try to disable that
setting yet :-) The machine is Panasonic Toughbook.

Smells like a firmware disk password to me..?

Best regards :-)


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