pkg-static update failed - FreeBSD.meta has wrong version 2

Christoph Kukulies kuku at
Wed May 6 12:14:07 UTC 2020

I have a FreeBSD-11.0 installed on a VM and was trying to install some packages.

pkg search already failed with some error saying FreeBSD.meta has wrong version 2.

So I decided to upgrade to FreeBSD 12.1

This seems to have worked:

uname -a

FreeBSD fbsd 12.1-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p3 GENERIC. amd64

But trying to update pkg still fails:

Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
Fetching meta.txz: . done
repository FreeBSD has no meta file, using default settings
Fetching packagesite.txz: .......... done
Unable to open created repository FreeBSD
Unable to update repository FreeBSD
Error updating repositories!
y meta /var/db/pkg/FreeBSD.meta has wrong version 2
pkg-static: repository meta /var/db/pkg/FreeBSD.meta has wrong version 2
pkg-static: Repository FreeBSD load error: meta cannot be loaded No error: 0

I’m clueless now.


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