SSD woes - boot

Christoph Kukulies kuku at
Wed May 6 09:56:26 UTC 2020

Since yesterday, when I ran smartcontrol against my drives - don’t know whether it has to do with that but I’m mentioning it just FWIW -
my Kingston 240 GB SSD suddenly was no longer visible in the ASRock MB’2 BIOS. (ASRock939A790GMH).

Strange, isn’t it, that a power fail or unclean shutdown/dismount can cause the drive being no longer visible to the BIOS.

To test whether it was still alive,  I took it out of the system, put it into an ICY box and connected it to a FreeBSD (11) VM I have running under Parallels on my MacbookPro.

It got recognized on the USB bus and after I ran an fsck against it and put it back into the BIOS, it was recognized again.

So far so good. But now, due to some misordering in the hard disk numbering scheme in the BIOS I can’t aim at the right partition to boot. 
With the old F1/F5 bootload of FreeBSD it always boots the wrong partition . 

Is there a better bootloader available which offers me a larger choice, that eventually finds all bootable partitions on all disks in the system?


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