How to resize NTFS disk partition in freebsd?

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Mon May 4 15:55:32 UTC 2020

4.05.2020 18:36 tarihinde Polytropon yazdı:
> On Mon, 04 May 2020 20:52:14 +0600, Nikita Stepanov wrote:

> For resizing NTFS partitions, I suggest taking a look at GPartEd.
> There is a live CD / USB image that you can boot from, and use
> that to resize the partition. FreeBSD's tools, such as gpart and
> traditional fdisk, are not really the right tools for this task,
> even though it _might_ be possible to still use them. Resizing
> non-BSD partitions with a BSD system is not entirely impossible,
> but you should use a better tool if it is available.

Yes a tool exists. It is on Windows. I assume that partition is a part
of a number of windows partitions or it may have a windows installation
on it. Start windows to and goto administrative tools, run defrag tool.
It will gather all files into one single block and free disk space.
After that you can run disk managemnt tool and resize the partition.
This tool is available on Windows 8.1 and 10.

Here is a web page with screen shots. I have a non English install and
may guide you wrong.


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