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Fri May 1 04:34:20 UTC 2020

On Fri, 1 May 2020 04:14:58 +0000, Brandon helsley wrote:
> Has anybody else had any problems logging in with xdm?

>From your description, it doesn't look like you're having
problems logging with xdm - you probably don't have the
~/.xsession file required by xdm.

I suggest checking for the obvious and simple things first,
using simple tests.

Also always have a look at possible error files, such in
case of xdm - ~/.xsession-errors: Does it contain anything

Check the documentation here:


Both xdm and the use of window managers and desktop environments
are covered.

Also note that your user should be member of the "video"

	# pw groupmod video -m <name> || pw groupmod wheel -m <name>

The fact that you can already see the xdm login screen
confirms that X is working, so the first step is covered. ;-)

For further assistance, it would be nice if you could state
which version of FreeBSD and which version of X you are
using and what (related) packages you have installed, as
well as the content of relevant configuration files (most
important, your user's ~/.xsession), plus anything that
pops up in error message logs (especially related to xdm,
your user's ~/.xsession-errors). Diagnostics only work good
when you can state what you have, what you did, and what
result you got. :-)

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