poudriere, bind and libxml2-dev

Jacques Foucry jacques+freebsd at foucry.net
Mon Mar 16 19:01:12 UTC 2020

Hello folks,

I would like too use the statistics channel of bind.

I use a poudriere in order to compile my own packages, as many of us.

The bind doc is clear, named need both libxml2 And libxml2-dev:


I try to remove all the options of bind in order to be sure to have libxml2-dev
(poudriere option -r -p xxx dns/bind911 then poudriere option -p xxx
dns/bin911), but no chance. libxml2-dev is not include.

So my question is very simple, how can I add these lib to the "project" bind911.
I suppose there is something in the make.conf file, but I can't figure the
correct syntax,

Thanks in advance for your help and take care of you and the people you love.
Jacques Foucry

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