Centralized user/group/whatever management

Victor Sudakov vas at sibptus.ru
Sun Mar 15 17:01:33 UTC 2020

Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> On 2020-03-14 07:07, Victor Sudakov wrote
> > So pam_winbind it is, if you want to use AD for user/group management?
> Yes.
> > Does winbindd not crash any more under FreeBSD?
> Not sure what crashes you are referring to, related to which version of
> FreeBSD or Samba and from when, but I'm using it heavily and I don't
> remember seeing it crashing in years.

That was at the time of Samba 3, I could not even run wbinfo without
winbindd crashing immediately.

> It has some quirks, but you can get a working stable config.

What quirks?

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