Strange Thunderbird issue

Christian Schmidt Christian.Schmidt at
Fri Mar 13 23:09:39 UTC 2020

D'Arcy Cain, 13.03.20:
> I am having a strange issue with Thunderbird 68.5.0_3 from ports.  All
> users on the system experience it.  There is no menu bar or mail
> toolbar.  When I right click on the tab bar I get the box to select
> those but it only contains "Customize" and that does nothing.  The three
> line menu also does not do anything.
> The user home directories are NFS mounted.  If I move one user to the
> local file system it then works properly for that user.

Maybe an NFS locking issue. What do your mount options look like?
I'd play around a bit with the locking options.


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