Centralized user/group/whatever management

Christian Schmidt Christian.Schmidt at chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Mar 13 11:32:45 UTC 2020

Hi Victor,

Victor Sudakov, 13.03.20:
> Do you think there exists a modern solution for centralized user/group/...
> management compatible with FreeBSD and Linux?
> I have experience using NIS on FreeBSD for many years, but NIS is really very
> dated, not very secure, depends on the NIS servers being reachable all the
> time, depends on Sun RPC (portmapper, dynamic ports) and has other
> drawbacks. I know this from experience.
> Are there any modern solutions for FreeBSD hosts to have at least a common
> user/userid/group/groupid database, or maybe even more centralized goodies?

(Open)LDAP is quite commonly used for this.

Kind Regards
Christian Schmidt

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