Out of swap space/MAKEJOBSUNSAFE=YES

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 02:35:31 UTC 2020

Dear kind folks,

I ran
# pkg update
# pkg upgrade
Was not getting updates. Version of pkg was at 1.12 or so, I ran portsnap
fetch extract, portsnap fetch update and updated pkg to version 1.13 and I
was able to get firefox-esr which was removed by pkg.  I installed
postmaster and decided to update the system to newer versions.  I cannot
update chromium, run out of swap space it is 4GB by system have 8 GB or 16
GB of memory and rust, chromium all fail to build.  Machine was working
beautifully, but I had lost firefox-esr, and out of desperation went with
ports like old times.  I had run into problems, but not as bad as this.  I
can't remember/recall if I ran
# postmaster -ay or -nay to avoid answering y/n questions.

How can I overcome these problems to update with ports and for chromium,
firefox-esr, Libreoffice, etc to build successfully?  Can I create a swap
file?, Does MAKEJOBSUNSAFE=YES work?

I also have lost lumina desktop, I do not mind getting KDE/xfce or other
desktop.  The command to boot lumina changed, and I cannot find out reading
/usr/ports/UPDATING file, I have removed some files/pkgs that conflicted.
Ideas/suggestions/advice are appreciated.

Best Regards,


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