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Tue Jun 9 02:48:03 UTC 2020

On Tue, 9 Jun 2020 09:56:59 +0800, Wesley wrote:
> May I ask a question, is it possible for freeBSD community to develop a 
> nice GUI like Mac OSX? current opensource desktop like KDE is not 
> behaving as well as OSX in my opinion.

It's not supposed to.

KDE is a multi-platform desktop environment, primarily developed
under and for Linux. FreeBSD offers a port of KDE. However, the
integration with the OS is not as tight as with Linux, implemented
by the various distributions that are KDE-centric.

On FreeBSD, there has been an attempt to create a native (!)
desktop environment called Lumina. I don't know if it's still

PC-BSD (now TrueOS) also was using KDE as their desktop environment
combined with FreeBSD, preinstalled and preconfigured, with some
integration for the OS (like setup dialogs and configuration tools).
This also no longer exists in that specific form.

FreeBSD being a multi-purpose (!) operating system does not have
a desktop environment per se; it's not bundled with the OS, which
would make no sense for example if you wanted to use FreeBSD on
a server or on a networking appliance. However, the ports collection
is the place where a FreeBSD "desktop metaport" could be placed.

Note: There's also a tool called "mkdesktop" that allows you to
select and install a desktop from a wide range of choices:

People who like the look & feel of macOS (Mac OS X) have found
ways to implement that in many desktop environments: KDE, Gnome,
Xfce and Lxde, for example, offer "Mac themes". It's even possible
to create something similar with simple tools like IceWM and wbar,
which isn't even a desktop environment, just a window manager and
a program launcher. :-)

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