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> >> My advice: NEVER, ever, learn Java, for if you do, you'll never want to
> >> use another language and that could be a handicap in a new developer's
> >> career.
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> > I switched 10 years ago to Java after 15 years of C/C++ (and an odd
> > assortment of other languages) and certainly agree with the idea of not
> > wanting to use another language.     Think of Java as the family SUV, not
> > particularly fast and nimble when you need high performance or very low
> > level work but what is it good for nothing is better (rock solid code
> that
> > doesn't require the above).   That being said you should learn it but
> learn
> > it with other languages.
> >
> To the OP:
> As someone already said in this thread: Java is proprietary, and Oracle
> who bought out Sun Microsystems (the creator of Java) started charging
> money end users of applications written in Java.
Where on Earth did you get the idea that Oracle charges/gets royalties for
3rd application in Java!?!?!??!?!? I have *NEVER* paid a dime for any
application and/or anything else written in Java (nor is there any language
in the legal material that comes with the language and/or any of the tools
that would even allow for a royalty)... the language spec is completely
open and anyone can write a compiler or a JVM (all the specs are completely
available)..... IBM has made one so have a few other people including GNU.

Please direct me and the OP the a *RELIABLE* (and authoritative source)
that says what you claim?

For counter proof here is a link to the current language and JVM specs

Oh and the license for OpenJDK can be found at (Yes you read that right GPL 3.0
w/ linking exception [the end user can charge for programs written in Java
if they wish but Oracle gets no royalties!])

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