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Fri Jun 5 01:36:12 UTC 2020

On 6/4/20, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Jun 2020 20:39:24 -0400, Robert Huff wrote:
>> David Christensen writes:
>> 	This is not the case; the latest revision of which I am aware is
>> the 2018 Standard (which is the 2011 Standard with bug fixes).
>> >   and K&R 2e is still the standard text:
>> 	There's a reason this is still _the_ "Start here." book.
> It's also worth noting that C from different eras is present in
> the FreeBSD code base. While "man 9 style" is mostly followed,
> the capabilities of the evolving C standard can be different,
> and compiler options might force a specific standard, so assuming
> that "I pick the latest and it will always work everywhere with
> any compiler" is false. :-)

On a side note, while buildworld was running I noticed a lot of C++
source files flowing by. Methinks it might be a useful addition to the
docs for each major component of the base system to add a 'source in
XYZ' comment to the man pages in some decided-on consistent way. That
might not be trivial for some components but it would be a good
subject for Brendon to investigate and document somewhere(TBD),
somehow(TBD). I know that you can get a dependency list for each port
and package, so that might be a starting point...
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