Mininal skills

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Jun 3 22:56:37 UTC 2020

Brandon Helsley writes:

>  I've searched around FreeBSD documentation and have found that most
>  of the contributions require at least minimal programming
>  skills. My question is whether or not there is anything I can
>  contribute or maintain for freebsd without any skills. What
>  direction should I take my education if I wish to be able to
>  maintain a port. Is c++ programming required? What else is
>  required?

	Try updating documentation.
	This is which is very useful, can require no coding skills (or
can be used to improve them), and - regrettably - brings little glory.
If you are proficient in a language other than English, that makes you
even more of an asset.


				Robert Huff

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