[FIXED] Re: odd issue affecting firefox (any version) on freebsd (any version)

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Thu Jul 30 04:07:54 UTC 2020


It seems the problem was caused by having WITH_ZONEINFO_LEAPSECONDS_SUPPORT
defined in /etc/src.conf. It goes away if world+kernel is rebuilt+installed 
with it removed.

The problem manifest itself on both the 12-stable desktop and the 13-current
vm because world was built on both systems and from the 12-stable system
/etc/src.conf was copied across to the 13-current vm. I'd never have guessed 
this was the issue, especially as iridium on the *same* desktop system didn't 
show the same problem.

Maybe a note about the possible effects of WITH_ZONEINFO_LEAPSECONDS_SUPPORT 
needs to be in src.conf(5) ?


many thanks to everyone with their assistance with this, the problems been 
bugging me for months ;)
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