Ask stupid questions and you'll get a stupid answers, was: Technological advantages over Linux

Ralf Mardorf ralf-mardorf at
Tue Jul 28 10:40:28 UTC 2020

On Tue, 28 Jul 2020 17:25:29 +0800, Wesley Peng wrote:
>황병희 wrote:
>> Sorry for late. Currently Linux is good with Wayland. Wayland is
>> future for *NIX users i think.  
>Do you mean this one?
>Will wayland make linux desktop as stable as mac osx?

This is another stupid question! Stable for what kind of usage? Do you
consider "osx" as stable or unstable?

Stable as in not really customizable and being forced to use a desktop
that doesn't fit to your needs? Yes!

AFAIK Wayland does not provide all features available by X. You
e.g. can't write a script to customize e.g. the focused window on
demand. You have got no impact on keyboard input, keyboard map, can't
move or resize a dedicated window by scripts.

On Linux I'm using X and a window manager. I wrote scripts to use
different monitors with different sizes and frequencies, transforming
or not transforming ratio etc., scripts for keyboard shortcuts that
e.g. resize the focused window. Etc. pp., some of it is probably
possible using Wayland, too, but just to some degree.

I'm using iPadOS for a 12.9-inch display. I changed the font size to be
able to read the smallest fonts when wearing my + 2.0 dpt reading
glasses. Some apps are still using fonts that I hardly can read using a
magnifier, if I can read them at all, since font size is not really
customizable, it's just customizable to some degree.

"Some degree" is not enough for me.

A lot of apps don't support Wayland. IIUC they can be used by kind of a
bridge, that introduces a lot of issues. You shouldn't expect that all
projects will migrate to Wayland. When major changes happened to Linux
a lot of projects migrated to the new conditions, but some
important, indispensable projects got lost forever. I suspect that
Wayland will be a reason to migrate to another OS, to get back
something important that will get lost.

"OS X) is a series of proprietary graphical operating systems developed
and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2001. It is the primary operating
system for Apple's Mac computers." -

AFAIK there are no proprietary graphics drivers available for Wayland,
so you get all the optimisation for your graphics, that is or isn't
provided by a FLOSS driver.

I'm for making changes to an OS, but not everything new is a good change
and even something good might introduce disadvantages.

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