Unteachable Spammers on FreeBSD lists

Roderick hruodr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 09:39:58 UTC 2020

Following your own logic of reading carefully the handbook and
list descritions: questions is for questions and answers, not
for small talk.

Perhaps the handbook and list mantainers could make corrections
in the wording, but it will not help against spamers: intrusion
is in soul of spamers.

If all people here answer like that, I will have to unsubscribe,
as perhaps other people do (or never subscribed).


On Mon, 27 Jul 2020, Aryeh Friedman wrote:

> Not according to the handbook's description of each list:
> -questions@: User questions and technical support
> -chat@: Non-technical items related to the FreeBSD community
> The questions being asked were by a user of FreeBSD and were technical in
> nature (the technical merits of FreeBSD vs. Linux).   Here are the other
> possible lists and by their descriptions none of them made sense for the
> subject matter of the OP's post:
> -advocacy@: FreeBSD Evangelism (the OP was not asking how to market FreeBSD
> just defend it on technical grounds to upper management of their org)
> -women@: Victor is not a very female name (enough said)
> There is no -smalltalk@ list and even if there was it would be a misleading
> name since there is a programming language by that name.
> So the bottom line is @questions- is the best (and only) place for such
> threads.   If you want a new group, suggest one to the owners of the freebsd
> mailing lists and see if you can make one.
>       or the web forum
>       https://forums.freebsd.org
> The handbook says mailing lists are the prefered way to communicate about
> FreeBSD so suggesting the forum is pointless if you want to get the widest
> possible input.  To quote "The mailing lists are the most direct way of
> addressing questions or opening a technical discussion to a concentrated
> FreeBSD audience."
> --
> Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org

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