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On 7/25/20 2:05 AM, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Valeri Galtsev wrote:
>> On 2020-07-24 12:55, Peter Boosten via freebsd-questions wrote:
>>>> Are you running the "Omnibus" edition of GitLab under Linux?
>>> Nope, just a plain ‘apt install gitlab-ce’ and ‘apt upgrade’ does the trick.
>>> | it's more of a support advantage of Linux, not a technological advantage.
>>> Probably right. Don’t get me wrong: I like pkg, although it’s sometimes a pita when it comes to packages that come from ports, because of different options (like my postfix with mysql), and I have to lock the package.
>> As many others when not satisfied with pkg default built options, I use
>> poudriere, and have pkg get them from my poudriere repository. Examples:
>> mailman (to use postfix, not sendmail)
>> apache (to have LDAP authentication enabled)
> Have you been successful installing some selected packages from your
> own poudriere and others from

Yes, that is the way poudriere is designed. I will not write detailed 
instruction, just outline points. Poudriere repository is added to 
/usr/local/etc/pkg/ropes/poudriere.con, and pkg queries that first, then 
main pkg repository. Poudriere builds all packages that the one you need 
with your own config depends on, so the will be added from poudriere 
repo. When package that is not in poudriere repo is installed, it comes 
from main repo, dependencies to be installed first queried poudriere, 
then main repo. The only thing I can see may cause trouble is if you 
switched OFF some settings for dependency pkg in poudriere, if you only 
added enabled options, the package coming from poudriere should be good 
as dependency for pkg installed from main repo.

> I tried several times and encountered problems with dependencies, so now
> I compile *all* packages in poudriere and use *only* my poudriere as a
> repo.

I have never had problem like that. At some point dependency in main 
repo might change by pkg maintainer. E.g. openldap-client is replaced 
with openldap-sasl-client. Then you will have to make sure the poudriere 
repo requires the same dependency from that point on.

> Quite time-consuming I must say: I cannot make poudriere fetch some
> packages in binary form, I think there is no support for that. So I end
> up compiling llvm, go, rust and other heavy stuff by myself.

True, but I can not see how it can be different. Note, that you are 
replacing a portion of (central) pkg build infrastructure. And it is 
still time saving comparing to building from ports. You can use 
poudriere built pkgs on multiple systems. Update using pkgs is faster, 
helping you with maintenance window for a machine.

> If you have know-how about mixing repos, please share it.

I gave general view above (not trying to make it an instruction).

If I am wrong about something, I hope, experts will correct me.


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