Technological advantages over Linux

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Fri Jul 24 05:32:49 UTC 2020

The greatest technical advantage is that FreeBSD doesn't get in the way as you accomplish the real work you want to do (assuming the real work isn't polishing your desktop).

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>> You can add that NFS in FreeBSD is a catastrophy.  Bascially, you can only
>> export whole file systems with permissions applying to the whole file
>> system, and that practically makes NFS unusable.  That means
>> 9. very limited NFS support in FreeBSD
> My experience with NFS is rather limited. I use it to export filesystems r/o
> with ISO images, music and such, nothing sophisticated that would
> require granular permissions etc.
>> Besides this, setting up NFS in FreeBSD is the opposite of user friendly.
> Maybe ZFS+NFSv4 is better (did not try it myself though)?
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