odd issue affecting firefox (any version) on freebsd (any version)

Ralf Mardorf ralf-mardorf at riseup.net
Thu Jul 23 17:04:48 UTC 2020

On Thu, 23 Jul 2020 17:07:00 +0100, tech-lists wrote:
>wonder if i can run firefox with debugging, or will it be javascript
>debugging. It's hard to debug without first knowing what is likely to
>say "posting failed". a real chicken-and-egg thing.
>I dunno which would be most useful, there are quite a few debugging
>options but surely it is fastmail themselves who are saying "sending
>failed" ? In which case firefox debugging would show nothing...
>On top of that, all other fastmail.com website/webmail stuff works in
>either firefox. It's just sending email that is broken.
>maybe it's my account?! lol

I never used a debugging option, but when save-mode fails, too, I start
with a new profile or even better I add a new user, log in as the new
user and start Firefox from the new user account.

Browsers are a PITA today. Since it works for you using another
browser, I wouldn't waste any time and use this one instead.

There is a certain irony in the fact that I'm using "Edge" to play web
radio on my iPad Pro. I pay a lot of money for a very expensive Apple
product, to run a Google based Windows browser.

On Linux I migrated from Firefox to Qupzilla/Falcon, then back to
Firefox + Google Chrome for some media streams. At the moment even
Google-Chrome is broken and I'm back to more or less Firefox only.

On Linux I can build two bloated kernels parallel with stuff I never
ever need, let alone tailored kernels, in around 90 to 120 minutes, but
building a single bloated browser takes at least 120 minutes. A
3.9G tmpfs works for almost all bloatware, even for many kernels, but
not for a web browser, such as Firefox.

There's an old Emacs joke, saying that Emacs is a great operating
system, lacking only a decent editor. You could say something similar
about web browsers, they are operating systems (not necessarily good
ones), without a decent web browser.

What ever OS I'm using, I usually use a handful of different
browsers, for different purposes.

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