mfsBSD Question

Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at
Sat Jul 18 02:26:02 UTC 2020

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the correct mailing list to post this question, so I do
apologize if it is not.

I am trying to learn my way through building the "mini"  (about 27MB)
mfsBSD (64-bit AMD) for FeeBSD RELEASE 12.1 and came across these

root at bil-bsd # cd /var/tmp

# Fetch the FreeBSD ISO
root at bil-bsd # fetch

# Mount the ISO
root at bil-bsd # mdconfig -a -t vnode -u 10 -f
root at bil-bsd # mount_cd9660 /dev/md10 /mnt/

# Clone the mfsbsd repo
root at bil-bsd # git clone
root at bil-bsd # cd mfsbsd

root at bil-bsd # cd conf
root at bil-bsd # cp loader.conf.sample loader.conf
root at bil-bsd # cat << EOF >> loader.conf

root at bil-bsd # cd ..
root at bil-bsd # make iso BASE=/mnt/usr/freebsd-dist RELEASE=12.1-RELEASE

The catch is that they do not seem to be for the mini distro, but for the
full mfsBSD distro.

The current pre-built mini edition on the Project home page ( seem to have a problem with my builtin Broadcom
wireless and gets stuck in an "Error 5" loop so I want to try and be able
to build a new "mini" with the proper module for the Boradcom wireless, or
find a way that it will over-step that part and continue to boot up since
the booting process does not complete right now on my real hardware.

What is the step call in the "make iso ..." above to produce the mini iso
(27 MB)?

Do I call it from the main directory or from within the "mini"

Any help would be appreciated

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