Freebsd running on used Rack server

Doug McIntyre merlyn at
Fri Jul 17 19:23:56 UTC 2020

On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 04:19:38PM -0700, Martin Glazer wrote:
> Hello
> Just curious what used Rack server would you recommend? I like the Intel
> Xeon CPU
> I like the idea. I have Freebsd running in a used Dell Precision T3600 with
> 6 core Xeon CPU

There's a ton of choices, I wouldn't say that FreeBSD is all that married to anything specific.
All server gear does great. 

You would want to play to FreeBSD's strengths. Ie. especially ZFS.
Ie many Dell servers would have a RAID card in them instead of a HBA for direct JBOD support.
ZFS really works best with direct access to the disks as a JBOD. 

I've run FreeBSD on just about every generation Dell server in the
last 15 years just fine. Some HP (not much). Quite a bit more SuperMicro gear.
Intel ATOM, Xeon, Core, etc. Pretty much no issues.

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