FreeBSD and high availability services

Ede Wolf listac at
Thu Jul 2 19:56:42 UTC 2020

As I've said, I have not dug into it, I've just stumpled upon a youtube 
video titled "FreeBSD CBSD and high availability jail via carp test", 
that however is very hard to follow and in addition a cbsd clustering 
demonstration, that I have not seen as it is in russian and of course 
clustering does not necessarily mean HA.

Hence my suggestion as a starting point, even if not a ready to use 
solution. cbsd supports live migration, a feature that maybe could build 
  the base for a HA solution, when paired with hearbeat.

  It is the closest I know of and that of course shall not stand in the 
way of more educated advise.

Am 01.07.20 um 20:39 schrieb David Christensen:
>> Am 01.07.20 um 04:25 schrieb David Christensen:
>>> I ... am curious about implementing high-availability (HA) for
>>> Samba and CVS services.  (I will experiment with virtual machines
>>> first.)
> On 2020-07-01 09:20, Ede Wolf wrote:
>> I am not sure, wether this is for you, but you might have a look
>> into the cluster bsd projekt:
>> Maybe they provide some tools that will help you. I have never
>> played with it, just stubled upon some youtube demonstration by them.
>> So sorry, in case this is completely off track.
> That looks like an alternative to ezjail and related tools, which is not 
> directly related to HA (you can have HA without having jails or 
> virtualization).
> David
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