FreeBSD and high availability services

David Christensen dpchrist at
Wed Jul 1 18:39:28 UTC 2020

> Am 01.07.20 um 04:25 schrieb David Christensen:

>> I ... am curious about implementing high-availability (HA) for
>> Samba and CVS services.  (I will experiment with virtual machines
>> first.)

On 2020-07-01 09:20, Ede Wolf wrote:
> I am not sure, wether this is for you, but you might have a look
> into the cluster bsd projekt:
> Maybe they provide some tools that will help you. I have never
> played with it, just stubled upon some youtube demonstration by them.
> So sorry, in case this is completely off track.

That looks like an alternative to ezjail and related tools, which is not 
directly related to HA (you can have HA without having jails or 


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