Raspberry Pi 4 8GB: Boot Hang, (Simple) Workaround?

Stephan, Corey corey.stephan at marquette.edu
Mon Dec 28 02:07:27 UTC 2020

Hello, fellow open source fans. I am attempting to install FreeBSD on a 
new Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, but I simply cannot get the device to boot. The 
latest Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian), NOOBS, etc. all work. The Pi's 
firmware and BIOS are up-to-date. The SD card is new, stable, and passes 
verification tests.

Tried: 13.0-CURRENT from Dec-10, 13.0-CURRENT from Dec-03, 12.2-RELEASE, 
12.2-STABLE, and 12.1-RELEASE images for the Raspberry Pi 3 (RPI3 images 
are recommended in the FreeBSD Wiki: 

FreeBSD 12-series does not show a boot screen at all, but I more-or-less 
expected as such, since the RPI4 8GB is known to be WIP in 13-CURRENT. 
With 13.0-CURRENT, I reach the boot screen, but I am greeted with the 
following 2 error messages:

Error 00000044

This device requires newer software.

I have read in the FreeBSD subreddit that this has to do with the 
FreeBSD SD card image's bootloader being out of date.

Does anyone have FreeBSD working on the RPI4 8GB?

Other: The only advice about this that I have read involves rebuilding 
the FreeBSD SD card image. That is above my knowledge. Moreover, of 
course, I am sure that the aim of everyone here is to bring FreeBSD to 
this popular testing and learning platform :)

Thank you in advance, everyone. Cheers,

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