virtualbox bridge issues

S. Franks bahamasfranks at
Thu Dec 3 22:22:34 UTC 2020


I have a FBSD 12 host with 2 NICs on different subnets. I'm trying to
run a single ubuntu 20.04 VM with 2 bridged interfaces, one to each

I can ssh to either NIC on the host and VM from arbitrary machines in
each subnet, but I can only access an apache or nginx server running
in the VM on one of the two subnets. I haven't made any changes to the
default webserver configuration, it's just serving a blank page with a
simple listen :80 config.

The ubuntu VM is configured for source routing with a separate routing
table for each NIC, which works perfectly on similar VMs that are
running on a Windows 10 host instead of FreeBSD, so I thought perhaps
there was something unique to the FreeBSD host configuration that I am
not aware of in order to get this working correctly?

Many thanks,

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