(very OT) Ideal partition schemes (history of partitioning)

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Aug 30 22:06:33 UTC 2020

ralf-mardorf at riseup.net said:
> Btw. I'll only _try_ to replace my not that good, but quite usable, but aged
> and dusty analog 35 mm camera, a Canon AE-1 Program. I don't know, if a
> middle-rate digital camera can replace it. My target isn't ...

Digital is the way to go unless you want to play in a darkroom with old 
chemicals and such.

Several years ago, a friend who is a camera geek told me that the switch to 
digital by professionals was very abrupt.  Two things happened at roughly the 
same time.  A digital picture made the cover of Sports Illustrated and the 
airlines started xraying carryon baggage.

Since this started as a disk space discussion, there is a neat trick that 
generates lots of data.  If you want a picture with fantastic depth of field 
and your subject is holding still, you can get it.  The camera takes a series 
of pictures focused at different distances.  Software sorts it out.  If you 
have seen a fantastic picture of an insect, this is how it happened.

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