(very OT) Ideal partition schemes (history of partitioning)

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> >
> >Rule: "Better have 100 photos and select 10 good ones, instead
> >of having only 10 photos which are all crap." ;-)
> The averaged 36 photos and then replacing the film cartridge gave
> holiday as well as professional photographers the opportunity to think.
> They not necessarily used this opportunity, let alone that some used
> very long films for way more than 36 photos.

Completely incorrect about professional photography (at least after
autowinders became available):

1. In photoshoots (modeling or otherwise) once they got the rough
pose/layout they wanted they would be shooting away as fast the autowinder
would move puring roll after roll of film to get that "perfect" shot (watch
any video of photoshoots before digital came in but after autowinding)

2. As a student reporter I covered the anti-war protests on the first night
of first Gulf War in San Francisco with hand cranked my 35mm Cannon (no
idea of the model number) and in the course of the night used 4 rolls 500
ASA film and one roll of 1000 ASA film (which I bought off a professional
news photographer).  I noticed that every single one of the professional
news photographers was shooting at least one roll of a scene that I took
one (or maybe) two snapshots off due to the lack of film.
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