USB WiFi fob for FreeBSD

Pete Wright pete at
Sat Aug 29 00:03:38 UTC 2020

On 8/28/20 3:14 PM, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> I will shortly receive a new laptop with a network card that is currently
> not supported by FreeBSD. Work is in progress  on a driver, but I will need
> to use the system very shortly after I receive it. So, I need a quick way
> to get it on-line and a USB fob looks like my best choice.
> Can someone recommend a cheap fob I can acquire quickly? My last attempt at
> this about a decade ago was not successful as the dongle I bought was a new
> revision with a different chip that was not supported.  I hope for better
> luck this time.

I keep one of these handy for just this scenario:

iirc it uses urtwn(4)


Pete Wright
pete at

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