A nice looking WM to replace a DE

Weaver weaver at riseup.net
Sun Aug 16 20:07:48 UTC 2020

On 16-08-2020 22:48, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Hi,
> I strongly recommend against Enlightenment, since it suffers from all
> the pitfalls all desktop environments suffer from and it’s not
> maintained by such a huge group of maintainers, as other desktop
> environments are.

I could name any number of projects from single or just one or two
developers that have quality and stability that much larger projects
don't Ralf.

 Btw. since you like to get a modern look, you
> unlikely like the decades old clumsy themes available for
> Enlightenment.

And that is _really_ stretching it. I can recall themes and formats of
Enlightenment that were too avant garde for me to be bothered with from
just a few years ago. Enlightenment now, is nothing like that.

I have an enlightenment desktop that has hidden panels that stay away
until I need them, and a desktop nobody would be able to put a name to,
with all the working real estate I need and any number of virtual
windows required. And all for a minimal footprint.

I know what the OP is talking about, because I've run XFce, and didn't
see the point when all I was getting was all the Gnome kludge I was
trying to get away from: that didn't last long at all.


> If you want to avoid tiling window managers, but want to get something
> really small, take a look at JWM, it comes close to Openbox and at
> least on Linux it is as rock-solid as Openbox is.
> However, when I migrated away from Xfce years ago on Linux, I tested a
> lot of alternatives and ended with JWM and Openbox. After a while
> openbox became the only WM for me.
> You could “dd” NomadBSD to an USB stick, to test the look and feel of
> openbox running on FreeBSD,
> https://nomadbsd.org/screenshots/nomadbsd-1.3-ss1.png . It’s a live
> FreeBSD, that by default does use openbox.
> Unfortunately https://nomadbsd.org/ downloads can’t be checked against
> a signed checksum, but this shouldn’t matter for testing openbox on
> FreeBSD, if you anyway will install a window manager on you machine.
> Depending on the panel/s etc. you chose, you get the menu and features
> you want to get for Xfce, without gvfs and other Gnome pitfalls.
> Regards,
> Ralf
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