5.25" Floppy disk drive not recognized

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at sohara.org
Fri Aug 14 14:15:18 UTC 2020

On Fri, 14 Aug 2020 15:40:54 +0200
Christoph Kukulies <kuku at kukulies.org> wrote:

> Fine. There may be many solutions. Actually I’m trying to use the tools I
> have nd not buy extra hard- and software.
> I might also buy a used ISA-bus computer with a VGA Monitor :)
> FreeBSD always has been  a good platform to experiment at low level.
> Meanwhile I’ve proceeded a bit as can be seen in a previous post. Only
> this is a riddle to me:
> # dd if=/dev/fd0 of=fd_dump
> dd: /dev/fd0: Device not configured

	Is there a floppy in the drive ? Is it formatted ? Can you test it
elsewhere to make sure ?

Steve O'Hara-Smith <steve at sohara.org>

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