poudriere check-sanity failed

Jacques Foucry jacques+freebsd at foucry.net
Sun Aug 2 09:04:02 UTC 2020

Hello friends,

This morning I launch the update of my poudriere's packages

` poudriere bulk -j 12-1 -p 12-1 -f /usr/local/etc/poudriere.d/12-1.lst

And it faile on sqlite3

`[00:00:56] Failed ports: databases/sqlite3:check-sanity`

and all packages depending of sqlite3 faileѕ too.

I did not find any comprehensive explainantion or solution.

As experiented admins, you should already have this issue and may a solution.

What's your advices?

Thanks in advance

and an lite bit late Happy Sysadmin day

Jacques Foucry

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