freebsd should be rewritten based on microkernel architecture

Shane Ambler FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz
Fri Apr 17 08:38:16 UTC 2020

On 17/4/20 4:45 pm, kindu smith wrote:
> Hello, I am a user who likes UNIX-like systems. I have some experience
> using GNU / Linux and some experience using freebsd. I like the
> architecture of UNIX-like systems, but I am not proficient, so I just
> want to mention some improvements. The idea of freebsd experience,
> what is unscientific, welcome to advise.
> First of all, freebsd's architecture is very good, no need to invent
> the wheel, but freebsd's installation interface and startup interface
> are too old. It is time to make some changes. I think the freebsd with

Have a look at it adds a GUI installer to freebsd.
Expect the base freebsd to stick with a CLI installer to support the
non-gui server installs.

> microkernel will be more stable. The / boot / kernel directory is very
> suitable for writing a small kernel, such as named core, and then

I don't expect you will get much support for this change.

Have a look at, a few years back they got minix running as
the microkernel and use netbsd as the userland.

> In addition, you need to redesign the installation interface and a
> complete desktop environment, because this is very important for
> novices. I don't think Gnome / kde / xfce or the like is used anymore.

Those three main GUI desktops are in use by many people. If you want to
try something else have a look at x11/lumina, which is the new desktop
made for trueOS

> It is designed for Linux, and the systemd it uses is not supported by
> Freebsd.
> Freebsd should design a gorgeous interface comparable to macos, in

Don't expect freebsd to remove the CLI to replace it with a GUI. It is
still used as a non-gui server by many people.

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