freebsd should be rewritten based on microkernel architecture

kindu smith malaizhichun at
Fri Apr 17 07:15:52 UTC 2020

Hello, I am a user who likes UNIX-like systems. I have some experience
using GNU / Linux and some experience using freebsd. I like the
architecture of UNIX-like systems, but I am not proficient, so I just
want to mention some improvements. The idea of freebsd experience,
what is unscientific, welcome to advise.

First of all, freebsd's architecture is very good, no need to invent
the wheel, but freebsd's installation interface and startup interface
are too old. It is time to make some changes. I think the freebsd with
microkernel will be more stable. The / boot / kernel directory is very
suitable for writing a small kernel, such as named core, and then
design some modules around and package it in this directory. Then,
under / boot, create some new directories such as EFI, API, ABI, model,
etc. to do EFI boot and application program interface, and user space
modules. I think this will be a perfect design. As for the design
pattern of the microkernel, you can refer to haiku (a clone of beos).
In addition, you need to redesign the installation interface and a
complete desktop environment, because this is very important for
novices. I don't think Gnome / kde / xfce or the like is used anymore.
It is designed for Linux, and the systemd it uses is not supported by

Freebsd should design a gorgeous interface comparable to macos, in
addition to a set of init programs comparable to systemd. Therefore,
both the bootloader and init programs need to be redesigned. For
example, when Linux starts, it displays ok and colored driver loading
reminders. Freebsd can learn from it. I think that the Linux startup
program is not perfect. It is still in the startup mode similar to the
console. The more modern startup program should be a perfect
combination of graphical and startup information. The driver is a flaw
of freebsd. Due to the limited number of developers, a large number of
other systems are required, such as copying from linux. so copy it from
linux. The GPL agreement does not affect the use of freebsd code. Only
in this way can freebsd and linux form a differentiated competition,
can freebsd survive the huge wave of linux.

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