problem installing freenas

dopey terryjwalker1 at
Mon Apr 13 15:49:44 UTC 2020


i am trying to install freenas onto a diy nas system.
i intend to use a 16gb flash drive to boot from.
I have tried installing several different versions of freenas but always gey
a problem once installed.

i get message that primary partition on ada0 the flash drive is corrupt
it then tries to mount from secondary partition but fails to mount.

i have used gpart from freenas shell to investigate 

gpart show ada0

             40         31250532 ada0 gpt (14G) [corrupt]
             40                1024    1     freenas-boot     (512k)
         1064          31227904   2     freebsd-xfs        (14G)
  31228968               21424           -free-               (10g)

as a linus newbie not sure what to do now to correct this problem
so thought i would reach out to those in the know

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