Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Sat Apr 11 21:03:22 UTC 2020

Hello world :-)

I have this idea on how we could improve PKG delivery speeds.. :-)

How about creating a dedicated low-power distributed head-less ARM
based PKG delivery system that could be burned to a SD card then run
from some sort of *Pi (RaspberryPi, BananaPi, ARM routers, etc) device
connected to a broadband by users all around the planet?

Another idea is to use P2P of some sort, so such proxies would provide
only bits of data, maybe even FreeBSD users could serve as P2P nodes
if they wanted to.

This way we could have lots of low power local delivery locations that
could act as Tier-2 PKG mirrors / caches / proxies. We could have then
Tier-1 PKG platrofms and control provided by the FreeBSD project  :-)

I would gladly share my 60MBit uplink broadband to host this kind of
PKG CDN. I could also install such low-power devices in places with
fast broadband which are barely used in casual everyday situations.

Here are the goals:
1. I would run on a low power device such as network router or
BananaPi of any sort (around 10W power usage).
2. It would require only burning a SD card image to set up. Maybe
ifconfig (local uart CLI no web interface).
3. All cached packages would be also stored on a SD card (64GB?
128GB?) no external drives attached.
4. All maintenance could be automated from a central command and
require no user interaction.
5. The SD card image can be even encrypted to improve security.
6. P2P protocols could be used to spread the bits of data and off-load
the traffic from a single pkg host to a many smaller hosts or even

Hints and Comments are welcome :-)


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