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> > Another thing... There is No BSD User Group in the country where 
> > I live-reside
> > (Spain) How could I create One? I guess its a good opportunity 
> > to do so as
> > there is 0 here as I saw on the Website. As I speak / write 
> > English, Spanish ,
> > Hungarian I guess I could tie in to other BSD Groups with those 
> > languages as
> > well...
> >
> > Anyone can point me to the good direction regarding these 
> > things?
> Actually, I've been looking into starting something like this; 
> though in my case more wider-Barcelona centric, to have physical 
> meetings be easier for the post-COVID world.
> Probably those meetings would be kind of tri-lingual (a bit like 
> PyBCN), to facilitate participation of local computer-people who 
> might not be as well-versed in English.
> Depending on where you live in Spain, bilingual might suffice, 
> just make sure not to exclude people on a language basis.
> For that, I registered some days ago, haven't managed 
> to do anything with it just yet.
> I also noticed exists, but it appears to be an 
> abandoned effort; you might be able to get in touch with them and 
> maybe do a friendly, mutually agreed, domain take over and revive 
> it :-) (that would be pretty cool).

I want to be in that User Group project. I have contacted Manuel
Trujillo, from Barcelona area, who is/was in es.freebsd staff, to know
the es.freebd current status.

In 2006 and 2008 we organized two BSDCon at Barcelona. Both, Viktor and
you Andres, can count with me for this BUG project.
> Cheers,
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> Evilham

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