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>   I would like to contribute to FreeBSD. I can NOT code ( very 
>   shallow C++
> knowledge I pretty much got confused the moment the object 
> oriented concepts
> being brought in and the whole mindset ( way to think as a 
> programmer) always
> confuses me :) )
> So what else would be there for me? Documentation? or something 
> else? ( English
> and Hungarian could work for me and maybe even Spanish but My 
> English and
> Hungarian are way better :) )

Helping out with ports doesn't *usually* require programming per 
My approach to help out with limited time has been to help fix 
things I see that need fixing.

Here is something I wrote about updating ports (with tons of links 
to things I wish I had known :-))

Creating ports is similarly not much of a programming effort, so 
if you see something that is missing and would be desirable, you 
can look into it.
If you can identify a similar piece of software (as in: same 
programming language, similar architecture, ...), you might be 
able to extrapolate from that other port to create your own; 
otherwise the porter's handbook is a good resource and generally 
just asking on #freebsd-ports might point you in the right 

Documentation is indeed also a great way, just can't speak for 
that as much yet.

> Another thing... There is No BSD User Group in the country where 
> I live-reside
> (Spain) How could I create One? I guess its a good opportunity 
> to do so as
> there is 0 here as I saw on the Website. As I speak / write 
> English, Spanish ,
> Hungarian I guess I could tie in to other BSD Groups with those 
> languages as
> well...
> Anyone can point me to the good direction regarding these 
> things?

Actually, I've been looking into starting something like this; 
though in my case more wider-Barcelona centric, to have physical 
meetings be easier for the post-COVID world.
Probably those meetings would be kind of tri-lingual (a bit like 
PyBCN), to facilitate participation of local computer-people who 
might not be as well-versed in English.
Depending on where you live in Spain, bilingual might suffice, 
just make sure not to exclude people on a language basis.

For that, I registered some days ago, haven't managed 
to do anything with it just yet.
I also noticed exists, but it appears to be an 
abandoned effort; you might be able to get in touch with them and 
maybe do a friendly, mutually agreed, domain take over and revive 
it :-) (that would be pretty cool).

As for how to do these things... It's tricky because it's 
something social and it's a bunch of *constant, reliable* work.
During the past, say 15-20 episodes of, there 
have been quite a few mentions about how to start such an effort.
(You'd have to look into e.g. the RSS feed and find those, but if 
you haven't yet, it's a good podcast worth listening regardless of 
these particular bits)

At the very least it sounds like announcing you'll do such a thing 
here, probably on Twitter *and* fediverse, and shooting an email 
with enough head time to the BSD Now people is a decent way to 


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