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My Name is Viktor. Im from Hungary and I live in Spain for about 12 years.

I work as an IT Analyst for a multinational company. More about that and my IT 
background here:

I also run a weekly podcast which is broadcasted also Live on 
every Saturday 6pm UTC time. It is part of which is a public access 
unix system for the masses since the late 80s....

  More about that weekly IT Podcast called The Server Room here ::

  Now the important parts:

  I would like to contribute to FreeBSD. I can NOT code ( very shallow C++ 
knowledge I pretty much got confused the moment the object oriented concepts 
being brought in and the whole mindset ( way to think as a programmer) always 
confuses me :) )

So what else would be there for me? Documentation? or something else? ( English 
and Hungarian could work for me and maybe even Spanish but My English and 
Hungarian are way better :) )

Another thing... There is No BSD User Group in the country where I live-reside 
(Spain) How could I create One? I guess its a good opportunity to do so as 
there is 0 here as I saw on the Website. As I speak / write English, Spanish , 
Hungarian I guess I could tie in to other BSD Groups with those languages as 

Anyone can point me to the good direction regarding these things?



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