kernel/generic-dbg, world/base-dbg

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Sep 16 02:28:51 UTC 2019

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 14/09/2019 06:20, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> > Where in the base system are kernel/generic-dbg and world/base-dbg
> > located? freebsd-update says:
> > 
> > The following components of FreeBSD seem to be installed:
> > kernel/generic kernel/generic-dbg world/base world/base-dbg world/doc
> > 
> > I don't think I need them, how do I find and delete them after the
> > upgrade?
> These are collections of debug symbols for the various binaries
> installed in the system.  If you ever need to eg. generate a back trace
> as part of a bug report, they mean that each frame will be identified by
> function name and so forth -- in effect they mean that you can run gdb
> against any binary in the system and achieve meaningful results.
> Since they are stored separately from the binaries you're running they
> have no deleterious effect on normal system usage.  Aside from taking up
> a bit of disk space, you won't suffer any ill effects from having them.
> I believe all of the debug files are installed under /usr/lib/debug -- see

Thanks, indeed they are there, about 800M on an 11.2 system.

I don't think I care much for them, there should be an easy way to
obtain them from somewhere, or build them, if I even need them.

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