kernel/generic-dbg, world/base-dbg

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sat Sep 14 10:47:21 UTC 2019

On 14/09/2019 06:20, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Where in the base system are kernel/generic-dbg and world/base-dbg
> located? freebsd-update says:
> The following components of FreeBSD seem to be installed:
> kernel/generic kernel/generic-dbg world/base world/base-dbg world/doc
> I don't think I need them, how do I find and delete them after the
> upgrade?

These are collections of debug symbols for the various binaries
installed in the system.  If you ever need to eg. generate a back trace
as part of a bug report, they mean that each frame will be identified by
function name and so forth -- in effect they mean that you can run gdb
against any binary in the system and achieve meaningful results.

Since they are stored separately from the binaries you're running they
have no deleterious effect on normal system usage.  Aside from taking up
a bit of disk space, you won't suffer any ill effects from having them.

I believe all of the debug files are installed under /usr/lib/debug -- see



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