VB (virtualbox-ose-5.2.22_2): Debian boots fine but does not show X11 display

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sun Sep 8 18:14:59 UTC 2019

El día jueves, septiembre 05, 2019 a las 11:19:59a. m. +0200, Matthias Apitz escribió:

> Hello,
> I have a VB image 'qemu-x86_64.vdi' which contains a bootable amd64
> (Debian) Linux system running, an upcoming Linux smartphone (Librem5),
> more information on this here:
> https://developer.puri.sm/Librem5/Development_Environment/Boards/qemu.html
> The host is a 12-CURRENT amd64 and I compiled VB as
> virtualbox-ose-5.2.22_2 from ports (as all my other ~1400 packages).
> The guest boots fine and (perhaps) starts automatically some X11
> application (the "phosh", the phone shell). It only shows a blinking
> cursor, nothing else. I can switch with Alt-F1 to a login shell and
> login there. It's difficult to do that because the screen jumps always
> after 1-2 secs back to the tty7 (perhaps the phosh is up there). Same is
> true for Alt-F2...F6. That's why I think on tty7 is someting running.
> Why I do not have any screen picture there.

I learned with the help of Puri.sm folks how to stop the phosh

# systemctl phosh stop

after the difficult login process due to the jumping away from tty1. After
stopping the phosh one can look around fine in the Debian guest. The phosh needs
Gnome and a wayland-server as display and perhaps this is the problem. I tested in a
bleeding edge CURRENT with ports from June virtualbox-ose-5.2.30 and
this doesn't work either :-(


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