VB (virtualbox-ose-5.2.22_2): Debian boots fine but does not show X11 display

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Thu Sep 5 09:20:11 UTC 2019


I have a VB image 'qemu-x86_64.vdi' which contains a bootable amd64
(Debian) Linux system running, an upcoming Linux smartphone (Librem5),
more information on this here:

The host is a 12-CURRENT amd64 and I compiled VB as
virtualbox-ose-5.2.22_2 from ports (as all my other ~1400 packages).

The guest boots fine and (perhaps) starts automatically some X11
application (the "phosh", the phone shell). It only shows a blinking
cursor, nothing else. I can switch with Alt-F1 to a login shell and
login there. It's difficult to do that because the screen jumps always
after 1-2 secs back to the tty7 (perhaps the phosh is up there). Same is
true for Alt-F2...F6. That's why I think on tty7 is someting running.

Why I do not have any screen picture there.

What can I do to login via network? I can't configure anything in the
Debian with this jumping back after 1-2 secs. The VB manager does not
offer host-only network at all, only bridged or NAT.


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