Pkg broken after 11.3 upgrade

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Mon Oct 28 12:33:22 UTC 2019

On 28 Oct 2019, at 06:19, Robert Fitzpatrick via freebsd-questions <freebsd-questions at> wrote:
> After doing an upgrade from 11.2-RELEASE to 11.3-RELEASE, I could no longer login via SSH. When I login from console, there are many packages that generate segmentation faults including pkg when I tried to pkg upgrade openssh or just pkg update...
> root at db1: ~ # pkg update
> /usr/lib/ Shared object has no run-time symbol table
> I tried to deinstall pkg from ports manually and get these same errors when trying to make install afterward. What can I do to get this functional again?

Did you read the how to update documentation? It seems not.

You have put yourself in a bad position that it will take some effort to fix. It might be easiest to rollback to 11.2 and start over.

 freebsd-update rollback

You COULD try 

  pkg-static upgrade -f

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