Ansible for FreeBSD - use cases?

Victor Sudakov vas at
Tue Oct 8 15:26:45 UTC 2019

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 07/10/2019 05:28, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> > If I have packages in multiple jails, can ansible help me keep them all
> > up-to-date? Without sshd inside jails?
> Yes.  Ansible has a 'jail connector' which effectively lets you use
> jexec(8) to run programs within your jails.  It has some limitations:
>    - you can only run ansible on the host system to access jails on the
> same machine

Alas, this would not be useful to me.

>    - you have to run ansible as root
> Aside from that, basically you can do anything with ansible inside a
> jail that you could do by ssh'ing in.
> There is an improved version of the jail connector floating around on
> GitHub which those limitations -- see
> Of course, pkg(8) also has native functionality for managing packages in
> jails. eg:

Well, ansible's pkgng module does have the "jail" parameter, I've tried
it and it works. But it is not very useful because the service module
does not have this parameter.  This means you can install a daemon in a
jail, but you cannot make it start on boot, restart after update etc.

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