Ansible for FreeBSD - use cases?

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Oct 7 04:28:59 UTC 2019

J wrote:
> On 19-10-05 21:15:07, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> > Is anyone using ansible on FreeBSD for anything useful in production?
> yes
> >
> > I understand the power of ansible is in its modules. If there is no
> > module for your task, you are in a fix.
> >
> > I've experimented with the pkgng module, it does install packages :-)
> > Most modules are meant for Linux however.
> >
> Well the template and file modules work rather well
> and the package module also supports pkgng allowing for a very easy
> use.

If I have packages in multiple jails, can ansible help me keep them all
up-to-date? Without sshd inside jails?

> > What FreeBSD tasks do you automate with ansible, and with what modules?
> >
> well bascially all my configurations are done with ansible
> and the tools like vim or mutt don't care for the kernel

Have you seen a good cookbook with ansible for FreeBSD examples?

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