Intermittent connectivity loss with em(4)

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Mon Oct 7 03:44:38 UTC 2019

I am a bit surprised about that.  I used to see a number of messages when there were issues.  Most of them were the em connection down/up.  The only remaining things I can think of are to reboot the machine and run the ping till you get some failures.  Then run "netstat -s".  Look for non-zero numbers.  That may provide a clue.  If that fails run tcpdump on the inteface while pinging and see if the packets are actually going out and if anything is received in return.  You might also ping the first router on the way out and see if that is also dropping packets.

-- Doug

> On 6 October 2019, at 14:10, Morgan Wesström <freebsd-database at> wrote:
>> I have had issues with em nics in the past and don't use them anymore.  However, none of the issues were as blatant as you are seeing.  The dmsg log is only written to during boot.  Messages during operation are written to /var/log/messages.  Check there to see if there is anything that correlates with the outages.
> Yes, I did check /var/log/messages too but there's nothing written there during the outages unfortunately.
> /Morgan
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