Portsnap metadata corruption

Christos Chatzaras chris at cretaforce.gr
Mon Nov 4 16:48:17 UTC 2019

> On 4 Nov 2019, at 18:43, RW via freebsd-questions <freebsd-questions at freebsd.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Nov 2019 09:12:17 +0000
> Arthur Barlow wrote:
>> When trying to fetch the latest update for portsnap today I got the
>> following message:
>> Fetching 4 metadata files... /usr/sbin/portsnap: cannot open
>> adce305cc15ca8f18dc8ca52e8c91a04ac3f49638d405e5f96abdb01fd70f501.gz:
>> No such file or directory
>> metadata is corrupt.
> You can delete the contents of /var/db/portsnap/ and it will be
> recreated by downloading a new snapshot tarball.
> Any information about the ports directory is in the ports directory
> itself, so you don't need to delete it or do a new 'extract'.

Had the same issue today. I will try again tomorrow.

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